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Sale Alert! 02/05/2010

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Buy a funny red jacket, get a panda absolutely free!*

*Shoes not included.

The story here.


On aging… 01/19/2010

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“You should do it.  You should just go for it, Liz.”

At 19, a friend of mine might say this about taking one more tequila shot, or maybe about going after the dark and vaguely brooding but probably brilliant artist guy playing pool at the local dive bar.  The one who seemed like he’d care about important social issues and occasionally sing karaoke sort of ironically but mostly for fun.

Recently, my friend Shira applied the same phrase as I debated whether I should purchase the standard sized bottle of Listerine or the extra large.


Um, way to go with the auto ad placement, CNN 01/14/2010

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There’s a pretty good list of ways to contribute to emergency aid in Haiti here.  I’m also a big fan of Doctors Without Borders… you can support their efforts in Haiti here.  If you’ve lost your credit or debit card, fear not!  You can also donate $10.00 automatically to the American Red Cross by texting “HAITI” to 90999.  Then you’ll have plenty of time to find that plastic and avoid identity theft!


I made dinner tonight! 01/04/2010

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Tonight I made a pretty delicious pasta dish from (almost) scratch!  In addition to keeping my New Year’s resolutions of reading, writing and flossing every day, I have only eaten out once this year, so we’re going strong.  My friend, Hibben, was visiting from out of town, so I took her to try out The Burger Joint.  I’m pretty sure it’s against the law to not take an out-of-towner to Le Parker Meridien’s hidden cheeseburger paradise, and since I respect the law and Jimmy Buffett, I refuse to view this one resolution hiccup as a real transgression.

In any event, tonight I made some killer pasta.  I will immediately go on record and admit that I love gnocchi, tomatoes, prosciutto and cream.  Well… this dish has all of that, plus tender love and care.  The original recipe calls for tortellini and peas, but I’m not a savage and I don’t like vegetables, so I replace the tortellini with mushroom gnocchi and toss the peas out altogether.  Rebel, kids, you’ll enjoy life more.  But take vitamins too, that way you don’t have to feel guilty about your rebellion.  You will also probably avoid scurvy.

To start, you sauté some garlic and 2 oz. of prosciutto for a minute or two at medium-high heat.  Word to the wise: buy more prosciutto than that because you will inevitably eat half of whatever you brought home within 5 minutes of walking through your door.

Add 2/3 c. of canned crushed tomatoes and simmer on medium for 10 minutes or so.  It’ll look like this!

After that, you add a 1/2 c. of heavy cream, turn the heat up to high, and let the cream reduce as you mix it together with the tomato/prosciutto deliciousness.  It should take about 2 minutes, give or take.

Season with salt and pepper, and voilà!  You’re a cook!  I love baking, but cooking my own dinner always makes me feel inordinately good about myself.  Baking is a fun treat, but cooking dinner has a great “you’re a real adult now” vibe to it.  It also offers that wonderful “hey, I made something!” moment.  Those are my favorite moments.  They’re why I do comedy and they’re why I write.  You take lots of random stuff that ultimately expresses who you are, and you shove it through a process in hopes that what comes out at the end won’t suck.  With comedy and writing, that’s not a given (see: my next-to-most-recent improv performance; see also: this blog post).  It’s not really a given in cooking either, I suppose, but I’m a pretty easy-to-please eater and don’t really ever intend to ‘study’ cooking closely enough that I will start to notice the mistakes I’m making as an amateur chef.  So here’s to hobbies that we don’t explore too far and can bring us a little bit of humdrum happiness.

Also, I’ve been busy getting materials together for a grad school application I’m working on and will submit tomorrow… more interesting writings to come!  I hope!


Obligatory New Year’s Post 01/01/2010

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Welcome to twenty-ten, kids.    Welcome further to the requisite first-day-of-the-year post.  I made it back to New York from Georgia yesterday right in time for New Year’s Eve, the first one I’ve spent here despite being a resident for four whole years.  It seemed appropriate to try it out once before leaving in a few months, and it was a pretty fun time.  Way to go, NYC/comedians/booze/malfunctioning-but-well-intentioned Star Wars countdown clocks!

I’ve heard people who write down their New Year’s resolutions are more likely to actually keep them.  Since I’m a sucker for peer pressure, I’m also thinking that writing mine down in a public space will especially encourage stick-to-it-tiveness.  So, without further ado, my resolutions:

1) Write something every day (Oh, look! A blog post about New Year’s resolutions!)
2) Read at least one chapter of an actual book per day (gReader unfortunately will not count.)
3) Cook… at home… and cook cool stuff (On tomorrow’s menu: gnocchi w/ prosciutto and tomato cream sauce… who wants to be my dinner date?)
4) Floss every day (23 years old seems like an OK time to start.)
5) Don’t always overbook.
6) Have a whole bunch of adventures!

Hope everyone had a fun/safe/lovely NYE… and good luck to anyone else trying the ‘ole resolution making/keeping.


Ghost Toast Launch! 11/13/2009

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Check out Shira’s and Jake’s web series, Ghost Toast! It’s way awesome. Also, I’m in the first episode. Enough said.


Dog Court Improv 09/19/2009

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Dog. Court.

#&!@ caution.